Poem: Divided Timetable


Every heartbeat was the reason I had hope.


Those moments under broken branches,
Found me wanting more then a love song.


I knew my endless drones bore you,
Those were the blades of grass,
That grew under my bare feet and kept me running.


Moving toward myself and away from,
Those vines of lies you held me down with,
Away from venom filled snake bites,
Toward strawberry fields of dreams.


I knew I could thrust myself into reality,
Those sleeping hours were so very good to me,
But even dreams have a way of turning dirty,
So I take my final bow and see myself out,
I’d rather be proud of myself then have you be proud of me.


The birds tell me it was a waste of time,
Though they also tell me I’ve been going blind,
These puncture wounds and character to my hide,
I was somewhere and I did something with my life,
If you were to see me now you’d know I was worth more,
Then six holes in an egg left to rot on the floor.


About lowkiespeaks

I am a poetess, a mother-to-be, a pround woman, and stubborn beyound reason. View all posts by lowkiespeaks

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