My Daughter

For those unaware I am about two months away from giving birth to a beautiful baby girl! My husband and I are preparing our home for her. Shortly after christmas I’m having a baby shower with my family.

Personally, I can’t wait to meet her. I don’t really mind being pregnant but I’m getting anxious to know what she’ll be like or look like. Will she be as stubborn as her mother or patient like her father? Will she have my flaming hair or take after her blonde father? Will she have gray eyes? Brown eyes? Even green eyes? Will she be picky or eat everything in sight? How mush will she wiegh? Will she posse the empathy I did even as a newborn?

I want to know her. These pains and flutters need a face, need a smile.

I miss someone I’ve never met.


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I am a poetess, a mother-to-be, a pround woman, and stubborn beyound reason. View all posts by lowkiespeaks

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