Seriously, Check This Kid Out:

As you may be aware I’m a member of a website know as AllPoetry.

A dear friend on the site recently posted an exciting journal about her eight year old brother who has autism. For those unaware people with autism tend to be very analytical and not very creative.

Well, HE WROTE A POEM! A FANTASTIC poem and I have his permission to share it with you.

The Sound Collector

by NintendoNerd1981

A stranger called this morning
dressed all in black and blue
put every song into a shoe and put them away.

The barking of a Dog.
The snoring of a Hog.
The flap of a Bat.
The purr of a Cat.

The hissing of a Snake.
The anger of losing.
The voice of someone being half asleep.

The shaking of an earthquake.
The laugh of a joke.
The tinkle of a snowflake.
The voice of a bloke.


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