Ice Cream And Cake

Last night was my last Christmas of the year, I thin we had a total of 6, though I’m not sure. I’m very excited about the things I got, to top of my list being: Alice in Wonderland teapot (from my aunt-in-law), Sally Rag Doll perfume (from my mom), a panda pillow pet (from my husband), heated blanket (from my mom), socks with gel pads in them (from my mother-in-law), a foot massager (from my grandmother), and a pocket watch necklace (from my sister-in-law).

A few things I would like to have at this point, some drawers, a digital picture frame, and more Halloween/Alice in wonderland decorations.

For those wondering about baby, I’m still having contractions around the time I take my pill and when I first wake up, I’m surprised they don’ wake me up in the middle of the night. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow that everyone is waiting on with bated breath. I doubt we’ll have her to-morrow, but my guess is I’ll STILL be grounded from work and still on medication. Though I only have two more doses of my antibiotic, then I’ll be down to one pill every four hours.

I went ahead and got my hair cut and colored my roots, going to do my nails at some point today. It’ll be one less thing to worry about when she does get here, and it makes me feel good.

My kitties are being very sweet to me and each other this morning, which is good because Ce’Nedra was awful last night.


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