What Cha Gonna Offer Now?

Today is a better day, got out of the house a little yesterday and might be doing so again tomorrow. Nothing intense, went down to best buy and into brunos for a few minutes to grab a couple of things. Then we drove down to sonic and sat in the truck eating. Ended up getting ice cream too.

Plus I was able to take a nap, which helped.

At best buy Dylan bought me a controller for his Xbox so we can play together now. We played Lego Batman, which consisted of me failing around like a goof most of the time. I’m a tabletop/PC gamer, consoles are just a little out of my element. It was still fun.

Then I took another nap. I’m trying to accept that there is nothing wrong with simply sleeping when I’m tierd and not worrying about it. INstead of looking at sleep as one of the few things I CAN do while on bed rest, I’m looking at it as an advantage to bed rest, I can sleep whenever I need to. Being pregnant that’s more than 80% of my time.

As for tomorrow one of my dear friends from highschool recently got a job at my favorite coffee shop. She’s working tomorrow and it’s a nice relaxing environment. I’m thinking getting Dylan to drive us up there (it’s not far) and let me be somewhere not the house and sit around for a while. We’ll see how I feel.

Overall yesterday got much better and today hasn’t been a problem.


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