Is It Really This Early?

Yesterday was, a day, I suppose. I went with Dylan to the grocery store and walked around WAY too much. I felt fine while we were there but by the time we made it back home, I was feeling the over-activity. So, I won’t be going back to the store until after the baby is born.

Because of this I confined myself to bed for the rest of  the day and didn’t get to go to the coffee shop and see my friend, I was kinda sad about that, but I have to do what’s best for my daughter, she is more important than anything.

We (my husband and I) keep joking that Joslyn is going to put us all through all this stress and be over-due anyway.

We’re expecting some intense weather around here (or at least for around here) over the next couple days, mass panic is erupting all around the state. Milk and bread sold out. My husband gave me a stern ‘Stay home.’ this morning as he left. Like I’d leave without the weather.

I love my family but I wish they wouldn’t worry so much. Their worries wash onto me as they ask all the questions. I know they just wanna know and that they care. I love them.

As for today, just relaxing and watching the news. Did you guys hear that one of the victims in the shooting in Arizona yesterday was a little girl born on September 11 2001? I don’t think that some of the things happening in the news lately are coincidence. I don’t pretend to know what anything means, I just don’t think some things could happen by chance.

Any thoughts?


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