Sometimes There Are No Words

Some updates.

Monday I decided to see if pregnant women can fly down escalators, they can’t. A several hour trip to the hospital told us everything is fine. Saw baby girl’s face during the ultrasound. Was also told that she weighs 7lbs 12oz give or take a pound.

I don’t remember much about Tuesday other than being very sore.

Wednesday I started showing early signs of impending labor. Some details just shouldn’t be shared. My contractions are still infrequent but they are more powerful every time.

Thursday we went to the doctor, who told me I wasn’t allowed on escalators anymore. She also confirmed my suspicions about early signs of labor and told me I was dilated a bit more.

Friday, I don’t remember much about Friday either.

Saturday I spent all day at my Mom’s house. We met one of her friends who brought us tons of baby stuff she was about to give to the thrift store from when her grand-daughter was a baby. A lot of it is pink and girly but it was free, I’ll take pink and girly for free over spending tons of money on non pink. I’m pretty sure my daughter already has more clothes than me, but I don’t really mind. I want to shop for clothes for her constantly.

Sunday (which was yesterday) I slept most of the day, which was nice, it’s been hard for me to sleep for more than a few hours at a time recently. When my husband got home we went to the mall so I could walk around some. Trying to start labor. We got about three-fourths way through putting the crib together and relised we had the wrong kinds of screws, again. We’re going to the hardware store this afternoon to get the right ones and hopefully we’ll then have the crib put together! We’re never taking it apart again.

This morning has been intiresting, both of my kitties are acting a little off. Polgara is acting as if she’s hurt herself, though she lets me rub her belly and touch on her legs, but she’s moving very gingerly. She’s gotten better as the moring goes by. Sticking very close to me, though. I think she’s either fallen or the dog that freaked her out outside the window a few days ago was back last night and has her on edge. There are also a lot of changes going on in the house, which may have her a little stressed. PLUS, Ce’Nedra has gone into heat for the first time and seems a little confused about what is happening to her, which may also be affecting Polgara. I’m drinking nettle coffee and starting to think on ways to get myself to move around the house, still trying to induce labor, but not over working myself. There is a difference between inducing labor and hurting myself.

Finally I want to extend some good intentions out over the world, I’ve heard so many horrific stories the past couple of days and I know many people who need love and support right now as they face things no one should ever have to face.


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