I cry never gonna hold the hand of another guy

Two days past eighteen he was waiting for the bus in his army greens sat down at a booth in a cafe there gave his order to girl with a bow in her hair he’s a little shy so she’s gives him a smile and he says would you mind sitting down for a while and talking to me, I’m feeling a little low. She says I’m off in an hour and I know where we can go…


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One response to “I cry never gonna hold the hand of another guy

  • Mommy

    Now here’s a little story, I’ve got to tell
    About three bad brothers, you know so well
    It started way back in history
    With Adrock, M.C.A., and me, Me Mike D, They had a little horsy named Paul Revere
    Just me and my horsy and a quart of beer
    Riding across the land,and kicking up sand
    Sheriff’s posse on my tail cause I’m in demand
    One lonely Beastie I be
    All by myself, with nobody
    The sun is beating down on my baseball hat
    The air is gettin’ hot, the beer is getting flat
    I was lookin’ for a girl, I ran into a guy
    His name is M.C.A., I said, “Howdy”, he said, “Hi”

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