Last night I had one of my nightmares. This time it was zombies. I’ll be honest, zombies actually freak me out. Vampires and werewolves don’t. Ghosts and monsters don’t really. But zombies and roaches freak me out.

Anyway, I was on this island with a bunch of people I don’t know when zombies start walking out of the ocean and into this tower where we are. At first we’re all pretty panicked but when they get to us they just keep going. At some point it comes to my knowledge that there is some kind of slimy mass that reeks that they are attracted to. I remember one woman freaking out and screaming about whoever turned people to zombies. Then another woman couldn’t take the smell anymore and hung a car air freshener over it. This caused this putrid green smoke/liquid to fill the tower which collapsed killing us all and we all became zombies. I woke myself up shortly after that.
I know it doesn’t sound too bad but it freaked me out pretty good.


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