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Just Get Out


I’m not even going to try to be polite.

You’re the worst kind of dirt bag.
You don’t have friendships you have alliences.
You don’t have a relationship you have an unquestioned loyalty.

You don’t understand love or friendship.

Get out of our lives,


You Don’t Know Me


You do not know me. You may meet me, may speak with me, but you do not know me. You may see me and frown.
Maybe because I’m a young mother.
Maybe because I have short hair.
Or short skirts.
But you do not know me.

I am not you and you are not me.
Just because at first sight I am rough around the edges doesn’t mean I’m not a diamond.

So maybe I wear more black then anything else or maybe I am a little too loud.

You don’t know me. So keep your judgemental looks to yourself.

Without Sleep There Are No Dreams, Without Dreams We Fall Apart At The Seams


WELCOME! It’s good to have you in my life and out of my head. In the form of a wedding band on his finger. In the little pink bundle at my side. As the key on my key ring that unlocks my door.



When I Was Five I Said I Always Wanted A Sister


I am so proud of you. For following your dreams, for not being ashamed of who you are, and for growing into a beautiful and bold young woman.

It makes me happy to know you trust me and that we can talk to each other about anything.

We’ve got to be the closet half-sisters out there.

You’ll always be that little girl at the crawfish boil with black fingernails begging mom to pop your ballon. But that’s a compliment, I promise.

I love you no matter what and I’ll always be there to talk to and to protect you. Like it or not.


Hello Mother, Hello Father


You are a gift, a blessing, an answer to prayers.

I’m alive because you gave birth to me.
I grew up because you saved my life.

The Power of Three,


This Is The First Day Of My Life


Our life is so amazing! We’re living our dreams and not taking any names. Some people assume they know why we did what we did. They’re wrong.

Do you remember the first time you told me you love me? It left me breathless. It still does.

When we made our relationship official? I do. I spent six years waiting on that day, I’ll never forget.

When you asked me not to move? Did the one thing no man would. Admitted you need me.

When we cried over that little pink line? Which led us to celebrate a little pink plus sign.

When we talked about getting married and I was too afraid? Then decided my fears were unfounded and asked you to marry me.

The dried rose in our bedroom.

Our wedding.

The birth of our daughter.

Baby you’re my hero. I love you so much, I’d do anything for you.

We are magic.

~Your Wife

Six Years Such A Long Time


I hope you know I love you, I am proud to call you an uncle to my daughter. You are an amazing person and I don’t think you know it. Sometimes it seems the only way you can feel good about yourself is to do for others. Who YOU are gets lost in there. You are worth some effort too.
Thank you for all you’ve done for me. You’ve kept me going in the hardest of times, you’ve validated the hard choices I’ve had to make, and you’ve made me laugh when I want to die.
We are the joke no one gets.