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day 30 (very late)

write a letter to yourself

Dear Self,

These have been very long years. Things have changed so much and priorities have shifted dramatically. Here we are, with a beautiful baby that YOU gave birth to all on your own. With a husband who adores you despite knowing the worst thing you’ve ever done. With a life that is almost your dream. You should be happy to know you are blessed, to know you did it, to know you are loved.

Love and Light,



Day 29

Something you would change about yourself.

I procrastinate WAY too much. Always have.

Day 28

What if you got pregnant or got someone pregnant?

Seeing as I just had a baby, if I got pregnant I’d be really upset. Just not ready yet.

day 27

What’s the best thing going for you right now?


It’s my dream realised.

Day 26

Have you ever thought about giving up on life? If so, why?

Wow, well this is what I get for jumping into something without reading all the questions first.

There are people in my life I never wanted to talk to about this, but maybe it’s time I let go of it.

I have, in fact as a young child (too young to be thinking about it) I even gave it a shot. Clearly I failed because here I am bold as day and completely unafraid.

As for why, there were a lot of factors, I was so young I can’t remember my exact train of thought but I have a general idea of what was happening in my life.

I was facing bullying at school
Verbal abuse at school
A shrink who kept declaring diffrent disorders and changing my meds

I was in elementry school and terrified of every place I spent most of my time.

Then I started seeing my mom every other weekend and slowly, VERY slowly, I got better.

I told you Mom, you saved my life.

day 25

Because of Jordyn and Heather. The first true friends I ever had who know everything about me and who love me anyway. They loved me enough to keep me alive when no one else would.

day 24

make a playlist for someone and explain why you picked each song.

for my husband

first day of my life
because when you played this for me, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt you were the one.

do you wanna date my avatar?
because you yelled at falica day from across a crowded room that time a dragon*con

gives you hell
because when we sing it together it reminds me that we saved each other from people who never loved us for who we are

need you now
because it haunted me on the radio just to remind me to wait for you to catch up

mr tamberine man
because it’s the only bob dylan song I know the title of

because I’m still up for taking off for the west coast without telling anyone if you are

because it’s the Cruxshadows song you liked the first time we saw them live

because you hate that song and I love it