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Hypothetically Speaking

Been thinking about all the possibilities recently. All of them.

From the end of the world, to being pregnant again.
From coming into a lot of money, to getting cancer.

I must admit it’s very overwhelming and somehow grounding.

Typically I come to the conclusion: Just dance, it’ll be okay.




“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”
— Robert A. Heinlein


About As Much Of A Fairy Princess As You Are

Today I feel kinda like a fairy. Or a pirate wench. I’m really not entirely sure…

Cleaning house today since my sister is coming over tomorrow. SUPER SISSY SLEEPOVER!

Joslyn is too fascinated by this post to finish her bottle. She’s blowing bubbles in it.

I will not be giving her Karo syrup.

I colored a picture last night…


Today is beautiful, because today I am myself. My combative, hot tempered, self centered, flirtatious, argumentative, passionate, hyper active self.

And that is beautiful.

Right Albert?


Thank you, Sir.

These Things I Decide

I’ve made a lot of choices over the past several years I know a lot of people would not have picked for me.

Going to survival school
Not going to collage
Having a baby (Yes, a choice)
Getting married (In no way related to the above choice)

And no, this life I planned for myself is not perfect. It’s not easy or wholly comfortable. But no one’s life is.

And you know what my life is?

Ultimately happy. Not perfect, I do not walk around in a constant state of bliss. But at the end of it. At the bottom of everything. I am happy.

Fashion Blog for MusicBaby

Today I’m wearing a jazzy hair clip.


A silver heart pendant with a red stone and a black/gray/silver plaid sleeved bubble dress. With a wide black belt that had three buckles.


Dangled dark silver and red earings.


Studded red bracelet and an owl ring.



And finally, black leggings, black heels with a white rim and a bow, and a red and black checkered purse.


Joslyn has a pink onesie with a purple skirt and a lime green bow!


In Truth I Find Peace

In all deep honesty, I miss you. What you have become puts fire in my veins and I can only pray you’ll see it yourself before it’s too late.

You always have a place here.