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Here We Go Again

Ever since adding baby food to my daughter’s diet, every meal is followed by at least a baby wipe bath. Seriously? In her ears….


Maid, Mother, Crone



The top picture is of me (the baby), my Nana (middle), my gran-nana (left), and my mother (right).

The bottom is my daughter (the baby), my gran-nana (middle), my mom (left), and me (right).

Juice Face


I Think My Head Might Explode

Bargaining with my six month old thus morning:

Baby girl, if you let go of Momma’s hair, she’ll go get you some juice!

It worked! Eventually.

Also, I have a headache today to rival, well, I dunno my head hurts to much to think about it.

If you need me I’ll be hiding here:


As soon as I figure out exactly where that is.


Absolute Awe

The following picture expresses about half the awe I feel holding my daughter.


Hypothetically Speaking

Been thinking about all the possibilities recently. All of them.

From the end of the world, to being pregnant again.
From coming into a lot of money, to getting cancer.

I must admit it’s very overwhelming and somehow grounding.

Typically I come to the conclusion: Just dance, it’ll be okay.


These Things I Decide

I’ve made a lot of choices over the past several years I know a lot of people would not have picked for me.

Going to survival school
Not going to collage
Having a baby (Yes, a choice)
Getting married (In no way related to the above choice)

And no, this life I planned for myself is not perfect. It’s not easy or wholly comfortable. But no one’s life is.

And you know what my life is?

Ultimately happy. Not perfect, I do not walk around in a constant state of bliss. But at the end of it. At the bottom of everything. I am happy.