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I am a Goddess

When the despair,
The pain,
The broken shards of other people’s triumphs were too much.
When she cried because she had nothing to cry about.
When comfort would not come and her world found the place where the paint faded,
She did all she could do.

She wrote.

She scribbled heartbreak.
The deep cut of the only man she hated.
The violent tendencies of a woman destroyed by fake live and hands trying to mold stone like wet clay.
She revisited the deep pit where the only man she ever loved with the full extent of her passion had accidentally left her to cave in upon herself.
She dived into the abusive words of her sire.
Not good enough.
She squeezed them like lemon juice into her heart.
Open wounds burned and she wondered how she went on.
As stars shined she cursed their persistent light.
How hateful they seemed,
Proving her wrong.
A man can change the stars,
So could she.
And she would.
In the wee hours of the mourning,
She was to face the night.
The black hole in her stomach would not own her.
She would take on the world.
One heartache at a time.
I am not evil,
I am not worthless,
I am not wrong.
I am a goddess.


Take A Ride

We’re together, alone,
Dark silence broken by light cords,
Singing tears on all our faces,
You are missed.

Those hands of elegance,
Cross stitched with grace,
Loved so deeply,
They drained you away.

Into the coffin of fragrance,
Painted in blood and hate,
Wasted in the eyes of mourners,
They never knew your name.


Break It

Tell me something wicked,
Something cold,
So that lies become the truth and everything else is false.

Treat me like the first last person you’ll ever see,
Someone worth absolutely nothing that means everything,
So that when I close my eyes to dream all I see is you.

Taste the life of men and mice,
Some verse that never made it through,
So that when a child speaks the words…

The world dances with you.


I Noticed This Happening

There was silence around me in a deep dark flower power pink kinda way,
It caught you off guard when you got close enough to feel it,
We parted ways with the bitter taste of black bile laying in our eyes,
You never forgot me,
I abandoned the city.

Cruel lines of fate never crossed,
Life twisted and tossed me into something not quite gem like,
When the waters calmed there I lay,
Abandoned soul on a distant shore of fresh water pearls.

Suddenly like all Hell was after us,
We crashed right back where we started,
Swimming in lava laced lamps of purple and blue,
You hated me,
I believed in you,

Here we are.
One million miles apart.


Written while listening to: Country Lane by Telekinesis

Fashion Blog for MusicBaby

Today I’m wearing a jazzy hair clip.


A silver heart pendant with a red stone and a black/gray/silver plaid sleeved bubble dress. With a wide black belt that had three buckles.


Dangled dark silver and red earings.


Studded red bracelet and an owl ring.



And finally, black leggings, black heels with a white rim and a bow, and a red and black checkered purse.


Joslyn has a pink onesie with a purple skirt and a lime green bow!


Poem: Proven Pace

If this were a silent movie,
I’d have the only speaking part,
Screaming at the top of my lungs,
But no black and white words would come.

Long distance sanity,
Out of sight, out of mind, out of place,
Would you even remeber my name?

Those split secound choices,
Of who to love and who to delete,
They disappear as quickly as the patterns raindrops leave on flooded sidewalks,
Those clouds are I,
Important and unmentioned.

Long distance sanity,
Out of sight, out of mind, out of place,
Would you even remeber my face?

As the world seeps by,
Did you ever whisper of the void left behind?
Were you cruel enough (cool enough),
To paint over the plastic past?
Green is only green if thats what you call it.

Long distance sanity,
Out of sight, out of mind, out of place,
Would you even remeber this space?

Car crash destiny,
Took the biggeest most beautiful part of me,
I’m willing to cry it all away,
You won’t see them on the radioshow.

Long distance sanity,
Out of sight, out of mind, out of place,
Would you even remeber this crisis?

Left paw, Right paw,
You walk I’ll just crawl,
This isn’t acting,
It’s recreateing it all.

Poem: Flagging Retrieval

But then he shot me,
It sounds so tragic and yet so lovely,
Like putting yourself,
In the hands of another,
Makes everything alright,
It’s all alright.

I saw it mapped in the ocean waves,
But as quick as they come they ebb and fade,
So I wonder off the edge,
And see where it leaves me,
At the bottom of something I think.