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Of all forms of communication out there, my favorite is email followed by text messaging. I have a rather busy life and emails and text messages are easier to fit into my life. I know phone calls are more personal but for some reason talking on the phone stresses me out. What do you think?


On July 19th 2010 I married the man I had loved since I met him in 2005. It was a story for the ages and though I am still terrified, still getting used to the concept of being married, it is without a doubt the greatest thing I did in 2010.

Open Your Eyes

Every evening my husband comes home from work with a new story. Usually involving someone telling him he’s doing his job wrong.

My husband is Damn good at his job. He’s the reason his department makes money. but the people he works for don’t seem to know that.

Come on, give credit where credit is due.

We’ll Go Around The World

I’d really love to go to Ireland, New Zealand, and Japan.

Ireland is the home of my ancestors and I’ve always felt pulled there. Green rolling hills, dramatic coasts, and castles. Home.

New Zealand caught my attention when the first Lord of the Rings movie came out. The dramatic landscape that gave life to my dream world deserves a visit.

Recently Japan has been devastated. I still want to go. I want to experience a dramatically different culture and I have a lot of respect for the Japanese.