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Maid, Mother, Crone



The top picture is of me (the baby), my Nana (middle), my gran-nana (left), and my mother (right).

The bottom is my daughter (the baby), my gran-nana (middle), my mom (left), and me (right).


Absolute Awe

The following picture expresses about half the awe I feel holding my daughter.


Hypothetically Speaking

Been thinking about all the possibilities recently. All of them.

From the end of the world, to being pregnant again.
From coming into a lot of money, to getting cancer.

I must admit it’s very overwhelming and somehow grounding.

Typically I come to the conclusion: Just dance, it’ll be okay.


The Benefits Of Having Tea With A Powerful Elder


“It doesn’t hurt to walk to the edge and look, you don’t have to jump, just look.” ~ Margo