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Juice Face



I Think My Head Might Explode

Bargaining with my six month old thus morning:

Baby girl, if you let go of Momma’s hair, she’ll go get you some juice!

It worked! Eventually.

Also, I have a headache today to rival, well, I dunno my head hurts to much to think about it.

If you need me I’ll be hiding here:


As soon as I figure out exactly where that is.



One day, when I’m a little braver…

I’ll do something like this:


Whale Days

Some days I feel like the whale…


Most days, though, I’m that diver.

These Are The Days We Live Through

Tonight at work has been chaos.

This whole week has been Chaos.

Thinking of turning in my two weeks so I work through September.

Here’s to being more then you seem.


Hypothetically Speaking

Been thinking about all the possibilities recently. All of them.

From the end of the world, to being pregnant again.
From coming into a lot of money, to getting cancer.

I must admit it’s very overwhelming and somehow grounding.

Typically I come to the conclusion: Just dance, it’ll be okay.


Today’s Message For Me From The Universe


Yep, pretty sure it means I need to slow down and be silly.

I’m cool with that.